Kickstarter Ending and Projects Update

Hey y’all!

So much has happened since my last post. First and foremost, my Kickstarter campaign was successfully funded!! I had 19 backers pledging just over the $500 goal mark. Several people didn’t want any reward, 1 selected the pattern, 2 selected the tote bag, and 12 selected a knit reward.

To date, I have completed 2.35 projects. The 2 projects are below. I will continue posting here as they are finished. I am currently about 2/3 done with the 1st fingerless glove for Jody. My plan is to knit in the order the pledges were made and have them all in the mail by the first week of December.

My first project was completed for Kadie – a grey and pink baby hat for her daughter:


First #kickstarter project done! Baby hat in grey and pale pink. #KnittersOfInstagram #sheep2skein

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My second project was completed for Kelly – pale grey fingerless gloves:


2nd #kickstarter project done! Grey cabled #FingerlessMitts for @sunflowerkelly #KnittersOfInstagram #sheep2skein

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