We are Live on Kickstarter!

Big news!!

After many struggles to get the video just right, I decided to forego it for the time being and launch the campaign without it. I know that I can add it later, and launching was more important in the long run.

And I am beyond excited about it.

In the first few hours, I had 3 backers for nearly 20% of my goal!!! The project has been shared on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and is off to a great start.

For those unfamiliar with how Kickstarter works, when the campaign ends on October 4th AND we have met our $500 goal, then – and only then – will your credit card be charged. If not, your cards won’t be charged. Yes, it’s all or nothing.

Rather than take on a huge amount of items of all different sizes, I decided to limit all the handknit rewards. My goal is to get them posted to all the backers by the first week in December in case they’re to be used for gifts.

Even if you can’t support it at this time, please spread the word!!

Sheep2Skein Yarn Shop is Finally Opening. For Real!

Our shorturl for sharing is tiny.cc/sheep2skein


I am already off on the wrong foot with my fundraising… it was my intention to launch my campaign on August 1st and run it through the end of the month to start crafting September 1st. But then the nerves hit. Big time. The terror set in with What If questions. What if I didn’t get funded? What if I’m pricing everything too high? What if no one pledges? What if too many people pledge? What if I didn’t pick the right rewards? What if I end up spending way more money than I raise?

Seriously, I talked myself out of posting the campaign that has been 85% ready for 3+ weeks. Husband and I discussed the reward levels and campaign in general. After that, I reduced the number of large items and decided to create a “large item” fundraiser once this one is completed. You know, to make sure there is even a market for my goodies.

Less projects. Smaller items. More manageable deadlines. Something for everyone. Less funding goal. Totally doable.

It will be posted via Kickstarter as they run the smoothest platform that I know of. Over the next few days, I need to take photos of all the projects I have around the house and create a video.

If all goes according to plan, I will be going live on September 1st with my first fundraiser!


I have been working on getting my knitting up and running for years and can finally envision how it will happen. However, after much discussion with Husband this weekend, I am, quite frankly, worried about doing it via Kickstarter as was my original plan.

What happens if I overshoot the goal and don’t make it? This means I don’t get any funding. What happens if the campaign blows up and I am swamped with orders? This means disappointing my backers by not getting orders out on time, etc and that is the last thing I want.

In the end, we also discussed pushing commission knitting, but of a few pieces in a few different colors. And maybe pre-making a bunch of items and posting them to my shop. This way, they could be shipped right away. With Kickstarter, the orders won’t be mailed until the whole grouping is complete

Either way, my list consists of specific patterns of the following: fingerless gloves, baby and adult hats, a small and large owl, baby legs (legwarmers), scarves, headband/ ear cover combo, and baby blankets.

What would you do? If you planned on supporting my efforts, I would especially want to know what you think so you get your order in a timely manner.